What does Tyrelessly do?

Tyrelessly provides an environmentally compliant End-of-Life Tyre collection and disposal service, providing security, protection and peace of mind for those who feel responsible towards the environment.

Mission Tyrelessly

  • Identify all the points of generation of the tyre-waste.
    Comprehensive mapping of individual consumers, fleet owners, tyre fitters, service stations, garages and, in general, points where tyres are changed, allows the monitoring of the places where waste production occurs;
  • Optimise the logistical part of the system.
    Tyrelessly guarantees that the pick-up of End-of-Life Tyres, transportation to storage centres and recovery facilities - a fundamental part of the End-of-Life Tyre chain - functions in an integrated and efficient manner;
  • Promote new uses of End-of-Life Tyres.
    Tyrelessly promotes the research and development of the applications and markets that can use the materials derived from End-of-Life Tyres; it also strives to disseminate adequate information to expand their possibilities for use in both areas that are already known and in innovative applications;
  • Carry out monitoring and reporting.
    In order to prevent the dispersal of End-of-Life Tyres in illegal channels it is important to constantly follow their flow, making each passage transparent and promoting proper reporting.

Tyrelessly Waste Tyre Management System

In order to combat the problems caused by waste tyres, an effective waste tyre management system is critical. Tyrelessly Waste Tyre management System involves a number of different components which will supplement the work of The United Nations Environment Programme.

Tyrelessly Waste Tyre Management System highlights five key factors that must be present in order for a new waste management system to be established and have the potential for success:

  • Policies and Regulations
  • Supporting Institutions
  • Proper Financial Mechanisms
  • Stakeholder Participation
  • Supporting Technologies

India Action Plan

  • Mobilise community participation
  • Everyone contributes into the scheme, complete ownership... no passing the buck
  • No more tyres to landfills, illegal export or illegal dumping etc
  • It would be better, smarter and safer than what we have

Tyrelessly has a tireless aim to partner with individuals to build a waste-free future together ... We take your Tyre and Save the Environment!

Go Tyreless!

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